Pascale Dive


The 23th of July 2006 Pascale Chevroton, well known director in the main European theater, she created a unique dive in which Faro Diving was born. All the staff dedicates to her the name of this dive. Thank you Pascale! An extremely long cliff stretches in a transverse way, touching a depth of about 15-16 meters in its upper side, while descending towards more demanding quota in its lower side. This dive saved for Open divers start from the edge of the cliff at about 18 meters of depth.

After descending along the guide rope we reach the base of a big stone that marks the beginning of the path. A few meters away, we look out on the spectacular cliff that goes up to 30 meters of depth in that point.
In case of good visibility this is a very window in the blue, in fact it’s possible to admire in the lower area a plain of pure sand sprinkled by big stones and rocky formations typicals of our sea bottom where notable sargos graze.

The dive goes on following the cliff side, on the edge, having in this way the possibility to admire the breathtaking underneath scenery and the many rifts (don’t forget your torch!). Don’t forget to have a look towards the sea as the chance to meet pelagic fish has not to be underrated. Than the path stops where the cliff meets a collapse in which base there is a very little cave.