Terni Wreck



This dive gathers the spectacularity of diving along underwater cliffs and the undisputed charm of exploring a wreck.
According to the briefing about the historical information on the wreck, we describe this dive….
The diving point is at 5 minutes sailing away from the Diving Center.
Moored on a sea bottom of about 6 meters, at just 50 meters from the shore, we are on the border of the cliff, parallel to the coast and about 150 meters long.
The wreck is situated on a sandy sea bottom at the base of the cliff; in parallel, at 20 meters away, the wreck lies capsized and the structures of the upper deck are squashed between the bottom and the keel.
It’s about 50 meters long.
At a depth between 38 – 42 meters, after a jump in the blue, while the cliff are flowing alongside we lightly plane towards right in order to start diving from the cavity of the wheel where the blow thruster appears in all its majesty with its 4 meters diameter blades.
The wreck is into three parts with the central station of the border that looks like a tunnel, but when diving along the external side it’s possible to see all species that generally live inside the wrecks and settle in a lot of little laceration opened inside the structure in time.
If we are lucky it’s possible to meet a moray of impressive dimension that lives in the wreck.
Because of the depth it’s impossible to calmly visit also the side of the wreck that is put towards the land.


  • Compulsory patent: Advanced + Deep
  • Degree of difficulty: medium/high
  • Flows: possible but not frequent
  • Biological interest: high
  • Photographical interest: high