Trolling with lures


Trolling with alive lures is a fishing method that aims to hunt big predators fishes with lures slowly towed.

The main feature of this method is that, on the contrary of the artificial lure, the alive lure allows you to incite the most suspicious predators as you try to give them what they found in nature in the most natural way as possible.
Some of the basic requirement to be learnt in order to better practice this method are:

  • be able to fish the lures very fast;
  • be able to save them in a bath with water recycling;
  • be able to not hurt them allowing them to stay lively and stimulating for many hours.

Big predator fish that can be captured with this method are: groupers, amberjacks and dentex. For these predators the most appreciated preys are: calamari, mackerels, spearfishes, cuttlefish and saddled breams.
The main sink method for trolling with lures is the use of a drift lead. The drift lead is linked to a 120 cm string (the diameter is inferior than that used in fishing reel), fixed at 15/20 meters of the terminal that while slowly sailing allows you to “feel” the bottom with absolute precision.

It works in the following way: the lure is lowered and after 20 meters the string is fixed with the drift lead and, then we continue lowering the lure up to feel the drift lead touches the bottom, always with the gear engaged. After a few seconds the operation needs to be repeated because when proceeding the tension increases making the drift lead go back for a few meters.

When feeling again the bottom we spin the fishing reel and put the anchor ring. In this way we always know that our lure is in proximity of the bottom.
Clearly you’ll be leaded by our local professional fishing guides to get the best fishing trip’s result.

Technique used all year.