The pools


Just a few minutes sailing from the diving, scuba diving in “the pools” is perfect for everyone.


It’s an underwater inactive crater, inaccessible from the shore, situated at east right next a very old basaltic lava flow that gives you typical unique emotions of diving among lava flows.
Moored just inside the crater, the dive starts at a depth of 5 meters. After having made a flip from the boat, you will be on the surface in contact with a 10 cm extremely cold water coming from Mount Etna. The first thing to do is exploring the crater where group of Goldlines settle down as they’re bathing in a big pool. Following the guide you will reach a lava flow that creates a cliff full of lives; this cliff run down towards the sea bottom and it stops at a depth of 12 meters creating a gap. It’s time to change route and scenery, so you will find yourself among clouds of very big Saddled Breams that live on a big “panettone” (an underwater lava explosion) where the octopuses, groupers and barracudas’ houses are.
From the “panettone” the belvedere of Damselfishes creating an explosion of colours.
The next step is exploring a cave at the base of the “panettone”. It’s almost time for returning to the boat but before we dive towards the sea bottom at a quota of 25 meters; then we find a garden full of nobles fins. Time is short and the dive is really long, about 50 minutes. It’s time to return, we have no choice.