The headlight wall


Even in this scuba diving we are in presence of a cliff in the blue that starts from a few meters under the water surface.


In the first trait, the cliff stretches for about 30 meters in perpendicular direction to the coast, after it takes a 90-degree turn to the right towards the Cyclopean Isles and it continues in parallel to the coast.
Both the upper side and the base come back down until the point in which they enter again the coast; at that point the upper side is at a depth of 20/22 meters while the base is at about 44 meters.
This diving saved to Open starts on the upper side of the cliff, in the point in which it reaches a depth of 18 meters.
When we reach the point, after a descent along the guide rope, we are already near the border from where in case of good visibility it’s possible to have a look on the impressive cliff but without ignoring the possible presence of fishes in the blue.
The diving tour follows the development in height of the cliff, starting from the deepest point up to reach the lowest point at the end of the dive.
Diving just on the border you can admire the typical flora and fauna of the Mediterranean cliffs.
When we get to the point in which the cliff enters again the land, right next to Il Faro Diving Catania, from here you can follow the cliff up to its starting point or return to the Diving center through a short underwater route, having in this way the possibility to dive shaping a “zigzag” among the splendid “praghe”.