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Bottom Fishing

PESCA A BOLENTINO The term “bottom fishing” indicates a number of techniques performed from a boat at a certain distance from the shore by using

Vertical Jigging

VERTICAL JIGGING Il vertical jogging is characterized by continuous bumps or vertical jerks with the fishing rod during the rescue. These bumps called jerk are


SPINNING Spinning in the sea is one of the last born fishing methods in the sea; basically it consists in throwing an artificial lure and

Fishing Cephalopods

FISHING CEPHALOPODS Fishing calamari and sepiidaes is becoming more and more popular thanks to the research on artificial lures that give good satisfactions. First of

Trolling with lures

TROLLING WITH LURES Trolling with alive lures is a fishing method that aims to hunt big predators fishes with lures slowly towed. The main feature

Big Game Fishing

BIG GAME FISHING Big game fishing, also known as offshore sportfishing or blue-water fishing, was born in the big ocean and it’s a very fight