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The Wreck of Nevada

THE WRECK OF NEVADA   On January 1979, the Italian trading ship “Nevada” sank near Avola, a little city in province of Syracuse. the wreck

The Wreck of Faro Ship

THE WRECK OF FARO SHIP It’s a charming diving in which you can visit the wreck of a big ship that lies with the prow

The Wreck of Laura C

THE WRECK OF LAURA C In the location of Saline Joniche, in the province of Reggio Calabria the wreck of Laura C. lies, a trading

The Wreck of Arturo Volpe

THE WRECK OF ARTURO VOLPE A ship carrying woods that in 1971 because of the careening of the shipment sank on a sandy sea bottom.

The Wreck of Cannitello

THE WRECK OF CANNITELLO The ship of Cannitello is a wreck that dates back to the first years of the century, it sank with the

The wreck of Rigoletto

THE WRECK OF RIGOLETTO In the trait of the sea where the Strait of Messina merges, the wreck of the ship lies with the terminal

The Wreck of Valfiorita

THE WRECK OF VALFIORITA One of the most beautiful wreck in the strait of Messina! The 8 of July 1943 a ship sailing from Messina

Terni Wreck

TERNI WRECK   This dive gathers the spectacularity of diving along underwater cliffs and the undisputed charm of exploring a wreck. According to the briefing