THE FARO DIVING catania diving POINTs

Thanks to the geographic position of the diving center even in the presence of wind you can reach without difficulty a dozen dives perfectly close.

Also for beginners (OWD) dives will be up to expectations, you will dive into the mouths of volcanoes, canyons, lava flows and blue walls in a moonlight scenario, even under the coast you can already see beautiful specimens of grouper and brown meagre in the first 20 meters, in addition to all the typical flat and pelagic fauna.

Ionian Sea is hard to find better in the Mediterranean area!
Il Faro Diving Catania, thanks to the experience of its staff, the logistics with the base of Stazzo and its nautical vehicles, can cover a stretch of sea that goes from Catania to Messina just to give its customers the top of diving in the Ionian Sea. Thanks to a deep knowledge of the area with 26 dive spots, two protected marine areas and ten fantastic wrecks, you will have unforgettable moments. You will have nothing but embarrassment of choice.
Depending on the distance and therefore at the time of navigation we have divided our diving spots into Short, Long and Extra long distances, all dives can be done on the same day with the possibility of full day lunch with our boats.

Deep preparation: this is all another matter! If we go into a wreck, in areas where sunlight does not come anymore, after crossing corridors, branches, booths or stairs, there is no doubt of the need of a technical and mental preparation. In this activity, equipment configuration, propulsion type, and methods to find the way back should be known and developed at the highest levels.


PASCALE   The 23th of July 2006 Pascale Chevroton, well known director in the main European theater, she created a unique dive in which Faro

The Anchor

THE ANCHOR   It can be considered a good evolution of “Praghe” dive, starting from the same site after the mythical 18 meters. A limit

The Praghe

THE PRAGHE UNDERWATER LAVA EXPLOSIONS! It’s a traditional dive for all the seasons. It’s one of the most easy dive because the starting point is

The Basaltic Mountain

THE BASALTIC MOUNTAIN   A dive among basaltic lava explosions! When we have just plunged from the boat, flanking the southern part of the shallows

Timpa Wall

TIMPA WALL A BREATHTAKING CLIFF…. The diving point is at 5 minutes sailing from our diving center. Climbing down a 6 meters sea bottom, we

Shrimps Cave

SHRIMPS CAVE DIVING AMONG THE CANYON AND THE CAVES   The diving point is at 8 minutes sailing from our diving center, under a little


GORGONIAS   A dive full of astonishing sceneries. Starting from the Canyon diving point, we jump from the border without getting to the sea bottom.

The headlight wall

THE HEADLIGHT WALL Even in this scuba diving we are in presence of a cliff in the blue that starts from a few meters under

Kike Point

KIKE POINT   Every time we dive in this diving point, emotions are very strong. Its particular beauty is given by its basaltic structure, by

The pools

THE POOLS Just a few minutes sailing from the diving, scuba diving in “the pools” is perfect for everyone.   It’s an underwater inactive crater,

The Double Jump

THE DOUBLE JUMP How to describe this dive? Fantastic, technical, amazing! Through this description we’ll try to spread the same feelings we feel during this

Terni Wreck

TERNI WRECK   This dive gathers the spectacularity of diving along underwater cliffs and the undisputed charm of exploring a wreck. According to the briefing